Salt Nic: What To Know

Azara Vape November 2, 2022

If you’re vaping pods and disposables, you have enjoyed the rush of nicotine salt, aka salt nic, aka The Chemists Have Done It Again. Salt nicotine has swept the vapor market, offering a smooth and potent alternative to freebase nicotine. 

While freebase nicotine juice remains the juice of choice for cloud chasers with high-wattage vapes equipped with sub-ohm coils, salt nic is gaining popularity. So what is salt nic and why should you care? Read on, friend: 

What Is Salt Nic?

Whereas freebase nicotine juice uses distilled nicotine, salt nic keeps nicotine in its natural state. A weak acid – typically lactic acid, benzoic acid or levulinic acid – is added to the nicotine, forming “salts.” This alters the pH of the e-liquid so that it is more compatible with our physiology, enabling better absorption.

What Is So Great About Salt Nic?

Salt nic vape juice allows users to take hits that are simultaneously stronger and less harsh than traditional freebase e-liquids. They contain higher concentrations of nicotine in smaller doses of vapor. They also produce smaller clouds and don’t require huge mods, making them ideal for stealth vapers.

Salt nic also has a better flavor and longer shelf life than freebase vape juice. You can keep a variety of flavors on hand without worrying about them going bad. 

What Is the Best Wattage for Vaping Salt Nic?

If you’re using a pod mod system and enjoy custom flavors, you can go far with salt nic. It’s important to use the right system, though. A low-wattage device is necessary, but what wattage is best for you depends on your preferences. 

Salt nicotine hits its sweet spot between 15 and 40 watts. The higher you go with the wattage, the more you’ll feel it in your throat and the less flavorful it will be. Be mindful of going too low, though, because you may not get a satisfactory amount of nicotine. 

To determine what wattage works best for your salt nic experience, start at the lower end of the 15-40 range and build from there. When you hit the spot, you’ll know. 

Find Your Favorite Salt Nic Vape Juice at Azara

We celebrate vapers in all their forms, from the freebase cloud chasers to the salt nic stealthers and everyone in between. Azara carries high-quality juice from your favorite makers, a wide range of pods and disposables, and a juice bar at select locations for a custom experience. 

Stop by an Azara location near you to find the salt nic you’ve been craving. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.