What Your Vape Says About You

Azara Vape September 7, 2022

In the unending quest to truly “know” ourselves, we look to various guides: astrology, online personality tests, that anonymous question thing on Insta. While we often look outward to gain understanding of who we are, we’ll find more accurate clues by looking inside. Inside our pockets, to be exact. Nestled among the lint rests the secret to knowing yourself – your vape device. 

The vape device that draws your attention and delivers your draws of e-juice offers clues as to how you tick, what you value and where you are on this journey we call “life.” Take an introspective puff and read on to learn what your vape device says about you. 


Disposable vapes are here for a good time, not a long time. And you’re likely the same. Even if you have your favorite brand and flavor at the smoke shop, you’re still flirting with the possibility of change. Disposable vapes offer you the chance to explore different pre-filled flavors, different weights and different styles. Like puffable Pokemon, you gotta catch ’em all. 

If your disposable vape is rechargeable, that means you’re looking to get the most out of life’s little experiences. You leave no stone left unturned, no nic left un-vaporized, no cloud left un-blown. You also have a drawer of micro-USBs that you lend to dates, making you a hero. 

No matter which type of disposable vape you choose, make sure to dispose of them in the Earth-friendliest way

Pod Systems

So you’re a pod mod kind of person. We see you. You know that pods pack a special punch, while being discrete and easy to take from place to place. You still enjoy the freedom of small, switchable vape pods, but you appreciate the ability to reuse your device. Why? Because you’re resourceful. You probably save your jam jars because why get rid of a perfectly good jar

And when you get rid of those spent pods, you know where to do it

Hefty Box Mods

When it comes to vape devices, you have a tried and true companion. You go big or go home. You customize your mod and your vape juice blends. You can blow the entire alphabet in vape clouds. You’re someone who appreciates the science of vaping and can use the phrase “propylene glycol” casually in a sentence. Whether or not you work at the smoke shop, everyone thinks you do. 

Celebrate Your Vapersonality at Azara

Azara is more than a smoke shop: it’s an experience. It’s a place where all vapersonalities are welcome. We carry disposable vapes, pod devices and box mods, as well as an array of flavors for every e-juice palette. Our staff is friendly and available to answer your questions about salt nicotine or direct you to the right vape starter kit. The next time you need a ready-to-vape disposable or a refill on your e-juice, stop by your nearest Azara location.