Top 5 Vape Accessories For The Holiday Season

Azara Vape December 8, 2022

Those sleigh bells are jingling again. The stockings need stuffing, the tree needs trimming and the cloud chaser in your life needs some new gear. You may or may not be familiar with everything that could be useful to them and might not quite feel comfortable stopping in and talking shop. Don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got you covered!

Take a gander at our top 5 vape accessories for the holiday season so you can get some ideas before you stop by one of the best vape shops near you.

Keep Up The Energy

Nothing is worse than being out in the world and having your rig die. Without fresh batteries, the vape enthusiast in your life will be super bummed out. You can turn that frown upside down in an instant by giving them a battery charger this Christmas. That way they can puff right along without the expense of buying new batteries.

A Backup For The Backup

If you know what their set-up is like and a few of their favorite flavors, you can just go ahead and stock them up. Are they a closed pod type of person? Pick up some of their favorite brands and sneak them into their stocking. Are they using a rig? Grab some of their favorite vape juice and watch their faces light up with Christmas joy. 

Keep it Safe, Keep it Vape

There are few things worse than dropping your rig. They can be durable but nothing is indestructible. A case can be an easy, lightweight insurance policy against even the worst butterfingers. There are many soft pouch options available that can protect the rig without being a hassle to lug around, and they make a great holiday season gift. 

Don’t Let The Coil Spoil

If the vape enthusiast in your life is using a rig, a great vape accessory to give them this holiday season is a fresh coil. Over time the coil wears out, even with the best maintenance and will eventually need to be replaced. Do them a solid by picking a new coil so they can get the most out of their vape.

Atomizer For The Flavor

Just like the coil, eventually the atomizer will need to be replaced. A fresh one makes for a great gift for the holiday season as this is the component that converts the vape juice to vapor. So as you can imagine, it’s very important to the function of the rig to have a properly functioning atomizer. Having a spare on hand makes for a great vape accessory. 

Keep Your Vape Enthusiasts Jolly This Holiday Season

There are plenty of vape accessories to pick up this holiday season. If you’re still not sure what to pick up, stop by any of our locations and you’ll see the difference of shopping at Azara. We offer a comfortable shopping experience with a knowledgeable staff who are excited to share their know-how with you. Stop by the best vape shop near you at Azara to see for yourself!