About Our Services

Azara Vape September 27, 2022

We know what it’s like — you walk into a smoke shop, not entirely sure what you want, and you have a bunch of questions. You start to ask the person across the counter for help, and before you even get your question out, they start trying to hurry you through a transaction. A transaction. Not a conversation, not a chat. Simply an exchange. At Azara, we work differently. We strive for an experience.

We take our time with each customer. Whether you’re seasoned and wondering where to get a new vape, or you’re a new enthusiast looking for the best smoke shop near you, we welcome you with open arms.

The Right Flavor for You

A variety of vape juices and flavors available at Azara

When you step inside any of our locations, you notice the difference immediately. We’re not your average corner smoke shop. We are ready and willing to take the time with you to get you dialed in with whatever you’re looking for – rig, tobacco, hookah, Delta-8 or vape flavor. 

While we’re on the topic of vape flavors, did you know we can customize yours? Visit our Vape Bar and sample away. No need to compromise or swap back and forth between flavors; we can craft a custom flavor profile so that every puff is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Community Over All

We take our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction seriously. In fact, once you’ve shopped with us, you’ll see that we don’t take much else seriously at all (life’s too short, right?). We pride ourselves on cultivating a fun environment with a knowledgeable and approachable team. We don’t do stuffy and we don’t do pushy…we just do us. Whether you’re stopping by for a new ashtray or a pool floatie (yeah, for real), or you want to kick it in the best hookah lounge in Wisconsin, Azara is the place for you. 

We’re Different

An Azara employee happily explains products and services to a curious customer.

There’s no judgment here. Just a clean, welcoming shop that is ready to take care of what you need. We are where you buy a vape. We are where you go to get your questions answered. We are the place to chill and get to know people in your neighborhood. At Azara, we’re different.

Azara is the premier full-service smoke shop in Wisconsin. We offer vape rigs, dab kits, pool floaties and a whole bunch of other awesome things. Stop by any of our locations so we can get your flavor right.